Cookies Policy

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are text files placed on your computer that are used to store detailed log information of internet usage, or website visiting behaviors. You can learn more details of Cookies at

  1. How does the Company use Cookies?
    • To study the behavior of your website usage to further improve the ease of use, the speed of use , and more efficiency.
    • To understand your usage patterns on the website, usage history of the website, and the information or services of your interest to analyze and develop the appropriate service of displaying content.
  1. The type of Cookies the Company uses

The Company uses the following Cookies for the Company’s website;

Analytics Cookies

This type of Cookies supports the Company to record the number of visitors on the website, as well as helping the Company to understand the visitor’s behavior. To help the Company improve the Company’s website by collecting and reporting your usage details and help the Company to understand the user’s interest. The information is collected anonymously.



Cookies Management

Google Analytics All statistical data is collected by Google Analytics Cookies to improve the presentation and navigation of the site, and Google complements the collected data with demographic information. And interest information, which in turn helps us better understand those who visit our site. Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on

4. Cookie Disabling Method

You can disable the cookies through your browser and privacy settings in order to prevent the cookies from collecting information in the future (more information may be studied from