Mr. Srihasak Arirachakaran

Positions: Chief Executive Officer, Director, Authorized Director, Environmental, Social, and Governance Chairman, Management Committee Deputy Chairman, and Nomination and Remuneration Committee Member
Age: 64 years
Nationality: Thai
• Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A
• M.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A
• B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering (with honor) University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A
• Certificate: Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
    Director Accreditation Program (DAP), Class 107/2014
    Director Certification Program (DCP), Class 198/2014
    How to Develop a Risk Management Plan (HRP), Class 6/2014
    Anti-Corruption Seminar Class 1/2015 “400 Companies Fighting Systemic Corruption”
    The Power of Culture: From Performance Culture to Winning Culture, 2016
    Board that Makes a Difference (BMD), Class 5/2017
    Strategic Board Master Class (SBM), Class 4/2018
    Corporate Governance for Executive (CGE), Class 15/2019
    Chairman Forum 2019: “Successful Corporate Culture Change from Policy to Practices”
    Director Briefing: Boardroom Transformation, 2019
    IOD National Director Conference 2019: Board of the Future
    Risk Management for Corporate Leaders (RCL), Class 20/2020
    Chairman Forum: Chairing a Virtual Board Meeting, 2021
    Director Briefing 1/2021: Governing in Tomorrow’s World
    Director Forum: 1/2021: GRC Through the Perfect Strom
    Director Refreshment Training Program, 2021
    Director’s Briefing 5/2021: Roadmap and Action Plan for a Pandemic World
    IOD National Director Conference 2021: Leadership Behind Closed Door
    Successful Formulation & Execution of Strategy, 2021
    Director Forum 1/2022: From Net-Zero to Set-Zero. Reimagining Business Landscape
    Director’s Briefing 1/2022: What Director Should Know about Quantum?
    Director’s Briefing 2/2022: Workplace Health & Safety: New Priorities for Board
    Director’s Briefing 4/2022: Building 21st Century Companies in Asia
    Director’s Briefing 5/2022: Leadership that Shapes the Future
    Director’s Briefing 6/2022: Reimagining Boardroom in the Web 3.0 Era
    Independent & Chartered Director Forum 2022: Navigate Board’s Challenges in Defining Governance VS. Management Role
    Disrupt Corruption with Power of Business Unity, 2022
    Wisdom for Future: Harmonizing the Diverse Boards & Notice of Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement, 2022
    Director’s Briefing 9/2022: Geopolitical Risk and Opportunity
    IOD Refreshing Course: Outbound Investment, 2022
    Director’s Briefing 2/2023 Webinar: How Planet and People Lead to Profit Series with Thantawan Industry PLC., 2023
    Delivering “Net Zero” Together, 2023
    Director’s Briefing 6/2023 Webinar: Sustainability Trends in Business, 2023
● Capital Market Academy (CMA):
    Leadership Program Class 26, 2018
    Thailand Import Export Data and Economic Outlooks, 2019
    CMA Extension Program (CMA-X): China 2022 Challenges and Opportunities
    CMA Extension Program (CMA-X): Sustainability – Business Success Drives Social Development/ Craving Leadership,
    Ways Forward for Our Better Society, 2022
    CMA Extension Program (CMA-X): How Blockchain may Reshape Capital Markets/ Digital Asset and Neo Finance, 2022
    ACMA Talk No. 1/2022: Live Platform: Opportunities and Challenges: New Chapter of Thai Capital Market
    Surviving Business Opportunities, 2022
● Thai Listed Company Association (TLCA):
    CEO and IR Talk, Thai Listed Company Association, 2018
    TIIP Open House “U.S.-China Trade War: Impact on Thailand”, 2019
● The Stock Exchange of Thailand:
    CEO Club 2019 “Business Agility and Intrapreneurship”, 2019
    CEO Club 2019 “Global Risks-What are the Implications for your Business”, 2019
    2021 Content & Communication Trend
    CEO Club 1/2021 “International Trade Disputes Risks”
    CEO Club 2/2021 ”Biotechnology Expanding Business in the New S-Curve”
    ESG Webinar Series No.2/2022: Circular Economy – Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Business Sector
● The Securities and Exchange Commission:
    TH SEC Series 1: Implementation of TCFD Checklist for Listed Companies in the Non-Financial Sector Webinar, 2022
    TH SEC Series 2: Climate Scenario Analysis and Risk Management Application for Listed Companies in the Non-Financial Sector, 2022
● The Stock Exchange of Thailand and The Thai Institute of Directors
    Hot issue for Director: Climate Governance, 2023
● Federation of Thai Industries (FTI):
    Exponential Manufacturing Singularity University Thailand Summit, 2019
    Adaptation of the Thai Industrial Sector in the Era of Energy Transition to Sustainability, 2021
    Energy Symposium 2022: Adaptation of the Thai Industrial Sector to the Global Energy Crisis
● National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA):
    BCG Energy, Materials and Chemicals: Challenges & Solution, 2021
    NSTDA Annual Conference No. 17- NAC2022: Revitalizing Thai Economy through BCG Research and Innovation, 2022
    Progress Towards CE with Circularity Performance Assessment, 2022
● Other courses:
    Operating Transparency Business in Asia, CAC, 2016
    Hongsa Coal-Fired Power Plant Project, Lao Industrial Energy Institute, 2016
    Solar Power Generation System: Solar Rooftop and Solar Floating, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019
    CEO Insight “A Proven Process for Getting Real Team and Organization Results”, PacRim Consultancy Co., Ltd., 2019
    Translating Strategy into Execution, PacRim Consultancy Co., Ltd., 2019
    The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, PacRim Consultancy Co., Ltd., 2020
    Anti-Corruption, CAC Change Agent Program, CAC, 2021
    ASEW Webinar Series #8 Renewable Energy for Thailand Data Centers, Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand, 2021
    Empowering Thai Companies to Win in the Vietnam Market Through M&A, Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd., Vietnam Branch, 2021
    Executive Briefing LIVE-Online: Executing Your Business Plans amidst Uncertainty, PacRim Consultancy Co., Ltd., 2021
    Exponential Path to Net Zero: Bangchak 100x – 100 Ideas for Sustainable World, Bangchak Corporation Public Co., Ltd., 2021
    Go Green: Megatrend for a Green World, Krungthep Turakij Media Co., Ltd., 2021
    The Role of Political Parties in Thailand and their Place in Thai Democracy, Institute for Southeast Asian Studies. (ISEAS), 2021
    TLCA HU Transformation LAB, PacRim Consultancy Co., Ltd., 2021
    Trade and Development Regional Forum 2021, International Institute for Trade and Development, 2021
    Webinar series: Challenges in Increasing Share of Renewable Energy in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University, 2021
    Ways to Survive Thailand from COVID-19 Crisis, Office of the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT), 2021
    Thai Power Industry’s Transition towards the Net Zero Goal, Thansettakij Multimedia Co., Ltd., 2021
    Exclusive Virtual Sharing: Create a Workforce of Self-leaders to Power Your Organization, Southeast Asia Center (SEAC), 2021
    Lessons Learned: Application and Practices of Rendanheyi Model in Large and Complex Organizations, Southeast Asia Center (SEAC), 2021
    Management Model Design: How to Improve your Organization’s Performance from the Core, Southeast Asia Center (SEAC), 2021
    Rebuilding and Rethinking, Southeast Asia Center (SEAC), 2021
    Jump-start your Leaders to Accelerate Transformation, Southeast Asia Center (SEAC), 2022
    Future-Proofing Shipping: The Decarbonization Game-Changer, DNV Group, 2022
    The Roles of Biofuels Towards Achieving Thailand’s Net-Zero Emissions Policy, Chulalongkorn University, 2022
    Geo-Political Conflicts and Thailand’s Path in the Next World Order, The Permanent Mission of Thailand to the WTO and WIPO, 2022
    Challenges for Thai Entrepreneurs on the New World Rules on Climate Change, Thai Renewable Energy Association, 2022
    Alternative Ship Fuels: Status and Outlook, DNV Group, 2022
    Toward 2065 Thailand Net Emissions Goal, Business France, 2022
    Carbon Dynamics and Forest Ecology: Are Thai Forests a Sources or Sink for Carbon?, Petroleum Institute of Thailand, 2022
    Carbon Credit Opportunities for GHG Emission Reduction Projects”, Carbon Markets Club, 2023
    Future Facing Commodities Forum 2023 – APAC Edition, Wood Mckenzie, 2023
    Energy Transition Executive Forum, Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) & Asia Natural Gas & Energy Association (ANGEA), 2023
    IEEE PES Day: Powering a Climate Safer Future, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE), 2023
    Energy System Planning for Sustainable Development in Thailand, The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), 2023
    CMA Refresher Course – Leadership in Digital Age: Inspire Connect Transform, Capital Market Academy (CMA), 2023
    Public Lecture on “Energy Security Challenges for Emerging Economies: How a country should manage risks during energy transition to sustain growth”, Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) & Asia Natural Gas & Energy Association (ANGEA), 2023
    Global Economy Direction, Thailand’s Economic Outlook, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates, Kasikornbank Public Company Limited, 2023
    Beyond ESG with Mid-Year Economic Outlooks in Sustainability, S&P Global, 2023
    Building High Trust & Inclusive Culture, PacRim Consultancy Co., Ltd., 2023
    Energy Transition Conference 2023, DNV Singapore, 2023
Date of Appointment: January 1, 2016
Period of Directorship: Holding Director Position since 2016 until present for a total of 8 years.
Shareholding in the Company as at December 31, 2022: 508,010 shares or 0.097 percent of all shares with voting rights
Direct and indirect interest in any of business with Company and its subsidiaries: None
Family Relationship with Executives: None
Number of Director Positions in other Business
• Listed Company – 1 Company
    2003-Present : Director and Authorized Director, Thai Agro Energy Public Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
• Non-Listed Company – 5 Companies
    (1) 2020-Present : Director and Authorized Director, SRT Power Pellet Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (2) 2016-Present : Director and Acting Managing Director and Authorized Director, Lanna Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (3) 2015-Present : President Director, PT. Singlurus Pratama (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (4) 2015-Present : President Director, PT. Lanna Harita Indonesia (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (5) 2015-Present : Director, United Bulk Shipping Pte Ltd. (Associated Company) / Ocean Freight Transport
Past 5-Year Work Experience:
    2015-2022 : President Director, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
    2008-2015 : Director, PT. Singlurus Pratama (Subsidiary)
    2006-2015 : Director, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
    2002-2015 : Director, PT. Lanna Harita Indonesia (Subsidiary)
    2001-2015 : Business Development and Marketing Director, Lanna Resources Public Co., Ltd.

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