Mr. Saharat Vatanatumrak

Positions: Chief Officer – Corporate, Company Secretary, Risk Management Committee Member, Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee Member, and Nomination and Remuneration Committee Secretary
Age: 59 years
Nationality: Thai
● Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA
● Certificate: Thai Institute of Directors Association
    How to Develop a Risk Management Plan (HRP), Class 6/2014
    CG Report Assessment Criteria, 2015
    CG Report, 2015
    Ethical Leadership Program (ELP), Class 5/2016
    Enhancing Good Corporate Governance based on CGR Scoreboard, 2016
    Seminar on Director Compensation Survey Report, 2016
    CGR Workshop 1/2017 “Enhancing Good Corporate Governance based on CGR Scorecard”
    Open House for Company Secretary, 2017
    Effective Minutes Talking-EMT Class 40/2018
    Role of Company Secretary in Shaping Corporate Culture, 2019
    Company Secretary Forum, 2021
    Subsidiary Governance Program (SGP), Class 3/2022
    Company Secretary Forum, 2022
● The Stock Exchange of Thailand:
    CSR Engagement, 2014
    CG Forum 1/2016 “Ethics: Conscience on Good Governance Principle”
    Cyber Vision 2023 Protect and Detect: Don ‘t Let Your Guard Down, 2023
● The Securities and Exchange Commission:
    PDPA Onboarding, 2022
    Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets, Reduction Guidelines, Reporting, and Compensation, 2022
    Business Model Reinvention for Corporate Sustainability, 2022
    Connecting Corporates and Investors through Environmental Disclosure, 2022
● Courses related to the duties of Company Secretary
    Corporate Secretary Development Program, Chulalongkorn University, 2004
    Company Secretary Program (CSP), Class 67/2015, Thai Institute of Director Association, 2015
    Board Reporting Program (BRP) Class 20/2016, Thai Institute of Director Association, 2016
    Effective Minutes Taking (EMT) Class 40/2018, Thai Institute of Director Association, 2018
● CEO and IR Talk, Thai Listed Company Association, 2018
● Other courses:
    Biomass and Waste Conversion Technologies, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, 2008
    Thai Intelligent Investors Program Class 18, Thai Investors Association, 2018
    The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, PacRim Consultancy Co., Ltd., 2020
    Anti-Corruption, CAC Change Agent Program, CAC, 2021
    Understanding and Implementing the Personal Data Protection Act for Business Establishments, HR Center Co., Ltd., 2022
Shareholding in the Company as at December 31, 2023: 186,986 shares or 0.036 percent of all shares with voting rights
Direct and indirect interest in any of business with Company and its subsidiaries: None
Family Relationship with Executives: None
Number of Director Positions in other Business
• Listed Company – None
• Non-Listed Company – 4 Companies
    (1) 2020-Present : Director and Authorized Director, SRT Power Pellet Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (2) 2016-Present : Director and Authorized Director, Lanna Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (3) 2008-Present : Commissioner, PT. Singlurus Pratama (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (4) 2004-Present : Commissioner, PT. Lanna Harita Indonesia (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
Past 5-Year Work Experience:
    2015-2022 : Director, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
    2010-2015 : Commissioner, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
    2008-2015 : Senior Manager, Business Development, Lanna Resources Public Co., Ltd.

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