Positions: Chief Executive Officer, Director, Authorized Director, Corporate Governance Committee Chairman, Risk Management Committee Deputy Chairman, and
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Member
Age: 63 years
Nationality: Thai
• Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A
• M.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A
• B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering (with honor) University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A
• Certificate: Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
    – Director Accreditation Program (DAP), Class 107/2014
    – Director Certification Program (DCP), Class 198/2014
    – How to Develop a Risk Management Plan (HRP), Class 6/2014
    – Anti-Corruption Seminar Class 1/2015 “400 Companies Fighting Systemic Corruption”
    – The Power of Culture: From Performance Culture to Winning Culture, 2016
    – Board that Make a Difference (BMD), Class 5/2017
    – Strategic Board Master Class (SBM), Class 4/2018
    – Corporate Governance for Executive (CGE), Class 15/2019
    – Chairman Forum 2019: “Successful Corporate Culture Change from Policy to Practices”
    – Director Briefing: Boardroom Transformation, 2019
    – IOD National Director Conference 2019: Board of the Future
    – Risk Management for Corporate Leaders (RCL), 20/2020
    – Chairman Forum: Chairing a Virtual Board Meeting, 2021
    – Director Briefing 1/2021: Governing in Tomorrow’s World, 2021
    – Director Forum: 1/2021: GRC Through the Perfect Strom, 2021
    – Director Refreshment Training Program, 2021
    – Director’s Briefing 5/2021: Roadmap and Action Plan for a Pandemic World, 2021
    – IOD National Director Conference 2021: Leadership Behind Closed Door, 2021
    – Successful Formulation & Execution of Strategy, 2021
    – IOD Refreshing Course: Outbound Investment, 2022
    – Director Forum 1/2022: From Net-Zero to Set-Zero.. Reimagining Business Landscape, 2022
    – Director’s Briefing 1/2022: What Director Should Know about Quantum?, 2022
    – Director’s Briefing 2/2022: Workplace Health & Safety: New Priorities for Board, 2022
    – Director’s Briefing 4/2022: Building 21st Century Companies in Asia, 2022
    – Director’s Briefing 5/2022: Leadership that Shapes the Future, 2022
    – Director’s Briefing 6/2022: Reimagining Boardroom in the Web 3.0 Era, 2022
    – Independent & Chartered Director Forum 2022: Navigate Board’s Challenges in Defining Governance VS. Management Role, 2022
    – Disrupt Corruption with Power of Business Unity, 2022
    – Wisdom for Future: Harmonizing the Diverse Boards & Notice of Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement, 2022
    – Director’s Briefing 9/2022: Geopolitical Risk and Opportunity, 2022
• Capital Market Academy (CMA):
    – Leadership Program Class 26, 2018
    – Thailand Import Export Data and Economic Outlooks, 2019
    – CMA Extension Program (CMA-X): China 2022 Challenges and Opportunities
    – CMA Extension Program (CMA-X): Sustainability – Business Success Drives Social Development/ Craving Leadership – Ways Forward for Our Better Society, 2022
    – CMA Extension Program (CMA-X): How Blockchain may Reshape Capital Markets/ Digital Asset and Neo Finance, 2022
    – ACMA Talk No. 1/2022: LiVE Platform: Opportunities and Challenges: New Chapter of Thai Capital Market
    – Surviving Business Opportunities
• Thai Listed Company Association (TLCA):
    – CEO and IR Talk, Thai Listed Company Association, 2018
    – TIIP Open House “U.S.-China Trade War: Impact on Thailand”, 2019
• The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET):
    – CEO Club 2019 “Business Agility and Intrapreneurship”, 2019
    – CEO Club 2019 “Global Risks-What are the Implications for your Business”, 2019
    – 2021 Content & Communication Trend, 2021
    – CEO Club 1/2021 “International Trade Disputes Risks”, 2021
    – CEO Club 2/2021 ”Biotechnology Expanding Business in the New S-Curve”, 2021
    – ESG Webinar Series No.2/2022: Circular Economy – Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Business Sector
• The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):
    – TH SEC Series 1: Implementation of TCFD Checklist for Listed Companies in the Non-Financial Sector Webinar
    – TH SEC Series 2: Climate Scenario Analysis and Risk Management Application for Listed Companies in the Non-Financial Sector
• Federation of Thai Industries (FTI):
    – Exponential Manufacturing Singularity University Thailand Summit, 2019
    – Adaptation of the Thai Industrial Sector in the Era of Energy Transition to Sustainability, 2021
    – Energy Symposium 2022: Adaptation of the Thai Industrial Sector to the Global Energy Crisis, 2022
• National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA):
    – BCG Energy, Materials and Chemicals: Challenges & Solution, 2021
    – NSTDA Annual Conference No. 17- NAC2022: Revitalizing Thai Economy through BCG Research and Innovation, 2022
    – Progress Towards CE with Circularity Performance Assessment, 2022
• Other courses:
    – Operating Transparency Business in Asia, CAC, 2016
    – Hongsa Coal-Fired Power Plant Project, Lao Industrial Energy Institute, 2016
    – Solar Power Generation System: Solar Rooftop and Solar Floating, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019
    – CEO Insight “A Proven Process for Getting Real Team and Organization Results”, PacRim Group, 2019
    – Translating Strategy into Execution, PacRim Group, 2019
    – The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, PacRim Leadership Center Co., Ltd., 2020
    – Anti-Corruption, CAC Change Agent Program, CAC, 2021
    – ASEW Webinar Series #8 Renewable Energy for Thailand Data Centers, Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand, 2021
    – Empowering Thai Companies to Win in the Vietnam Market Through M&A, Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd., Vietnam Branch, 2021
    – Executive Briefing LIVE-Online: Executing Your Business Plans amidst Uncertainty, PacRim Group, 2021
    – Exponential Path to Net Zero: Bangchak 100x – 100 Ideas for Sustainable World, Bangchak Corporation Public Co., Ltd., 2021
    – Go Green: Megatrend for a Green World, Krungthep Turakij Media Co., Ltd., 2021
    – The Role of Political Parties in Thailand and their Place in Thai Democracy, Institute for Southeast Asian Studies. (ISEAS), 2021
    – TLCA HU Transformation LAB, PacRim Group, 2021
    – Trade and Development Regional Forum 2021, International Institute for Trade and Development, 2021
    – Webinar series: Challenges in Increasing Share of Renewable Energy in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University, 2021
    – Ways to Survive Thailand from COVID-19 Crisis, Office of the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT), 2021
    – Thai Power Industry’s Transition towards the Net Zero Goal, Thansettakij Multimedia Co., Ltd., 2021
    – Exclusive Virtual Sharing: Create a Workforce of Self-leaders to Power Your Organization, South East Asia Center (SEAC), 2021
    – Lessons Learned: Application and Practices of Rendanheyi Model in Large and Complex Organizations, South East Asia Center (SEAC), 2021
    – Management Model Design: How to Improve your Organization’s Performance from the Core, South East Asia Center (SEAC), 2021
    – Rebuilding and Rethinking, South East Asia Center (SEAC), 2021
    – Jump-start your Leaders to Accelerate Transformation, South East Asia Center (SEAC), 2022
    – Future-Proofing Shipping: The Decarbonization Game-Changer, DNV Group, 2022
    – The Roles of Biofuels Towards Achieving Thailand’s Net-Zero Emissions Policy, Chulalongkorn University, 2022
    – Geo-Political Conflicts and Thailand’s Path in the Next World Order, The Permanent Mission of Thailand to the WTO and WIPO, 2022
    – Challenges for Thai Entrepreneurs on the New World Rules on Climate Change, Thai Renewable Energy Association, 2022
    – Alternative Ship Fuels: Status and Outlook, DNV Group, 2022
    – Toward 2065 Thailand Net Emissions Goal, Business France, 2022
    – Carbon Dynamics and Forest Ecology: Are Thai Forests a Sources or Sink for Carbon?, Petroleum Institute of Thailand, 2022
Date of Appointment: January 1, 2016
Period of Directorship: Holding Director Position since 2016 until present for a total of 7 years.
Shareholding in the Company as at December 31, 2022: 508,010 shares or 0.097 percent of all shares with voting rights
Direct and indirect interest in any of business with Company and its subsidiaries: None
Family Relationship with Executives: None
Number of Director Positions in other Business
• Listed Company – 1 Company
    2003-Present: Director and Authorized Director, Thai Agro Energy Public Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary)
• Non-Listed Company – 5 Companies
    (1) 2020-Present: Director and Authorized Director, SRT Power Pellet Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (2) 2016-Present: Director and Acting Managing Director and Authorized Director, Lanna Power Generation Co.,Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (3) 2008-Present: President Director, PT. Singlurus Pratama (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (4) 2002-Present: President Director, PT. Lanna Harita Indonesia (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    (5) 2015-Present: Director, United Bulk Shipping Pte Ltd. (Associated Company) / Ocean Freight Transport
Past 5-Year Work Experience:
2006-Dec. 2022: President Director, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
2008-2015: Director, PT. Singlurus Pratama (Subsidiary)
2006-2015: Director, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
2002-2015: Director, PT. Lanna Harita Indonesia (Subsidiary)
2001-2015: Business Development and Marketing Director, Lanna Resources Public Co., Ltd.