Positions: Chief Officer – Corporate, Company Secretary, Risk Management Committee Member, Corporate Governance Committee Member and Secretary, and Nomination and Remuneration Committee Secretary
Age: 58 years
Nationality: Thai
• Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA
• Certificate: Thai Institute of Directors Association
    How to Develop a Risk Management Plan (HRP), Class 6/2014
    CG Report Assessment Criteria, 2015
    CG Report, 2015
    Ethical Leadership Program (ELP), Class 5/2016
    Enhancing Good Corporate Governance based on CGR Scoreboard, 2016
    Seminar on Director Compensation Survey Report, 2016
    CGR Workshop 1/2017 “Enhancing Good Corporate Governance based on CGR Scorecard”
    Open House for Company Secretary, 2017
    Effective Minutes Talking-EMT Class 40/2018
    Role of Company Secretary in Shaping Corporate Culture, 2019
    Company Secretary Forum, 2021
    Subsidiary Governance Program (SGP), Class 3/2022
    Company Secretary Forum, 2022
• The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET):
    CSR Engagement, 2014
    CG Forum 1/2016 “Ethics: Conscience on Good Governance Principle”
• The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):
    PDPA Onboarding, 2022
    Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets, Reduction Guidelines, Reporting, and Compensation, 2022
    Business Model Reinvention for Corporate Sustainability, 2022
    Connecting Corporates and Investors through Environmental Disclosure, 2022
• Courses related to the duties of Company Secretary
    Corporate Secretary Development Program, Chulalongkorn University, 2004
    Company Secretary Program (CSP), Class 67/2015, Thai Institute of Director Association, 2015
    Board Reporting Program (BRP) Class 20/2016, Thai Institute of Director Association, 2016
    Effective Minutes Taking (EMT) Class 40/2018, Thai Institute of Director Association, 2018
• CEO and IR Talk, Thai Listed Company Association, 2018
• Other courses:
    Biomass and Waste Conversion Technologies, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, 2008
    Thai Intelligent Investors Program Class 18, Thai Investors Association, 2018
    The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, PacRim Leadership Center Co., Ltd., 2020
    Anti-Corruption, CAC Change Agent Program, CAC, 2021
    Understanding and Implementing the Personal Data Protection Act for Business Establishments, HR Center Co.,Ltd., 2022
Shareholding in the Company as at December 31, 2022: 186,986 shares or 0.036 percent of all shares with voting rights
Direct and indirect interest in any of business with Company and its subsidiaries: None
Family Relationship with Executives: None
Number of Director Positions in other Business
• Listed Company – None
• Non-Listed Company – 4 Companies
    2020-Present: Director and Authorized Director, SRT Power Pellet Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    2016-Present: Director and Authorized Director, Lanna Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    2008-Present: Commissioner, PT. Singlurus Pratama (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
    2004-Present: Commissioner, PT. Lanna Harita Indonesia (Subsidiary) / Energy and Utilities
Past 5-Year Work Experience:
    2015-Dec. 2022: Director, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
    2010-2015: Commissioner, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
    2008-2015: Senior Manager, Business Development, Lanna Resources Public Co., Ltd.