Positions: Chief Officer – Logistics, Risk Management Committee Member and Corporate Governance Committee Member
Age: 53 years
Nationality: Thai
● MBA, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Ramkhamhaeng University
● Bachelor of Commercial Navigation, Maritime Navigation, Merchant Marine Training Centre
● Certificate: Thai Institute of Directors Association
    Ethical Leadership Program (ELP), Class 23/2021
    Subsidiary Governance Program (SGP), Class 3/2022
● Other courses:
    Marine and Transportation Insurance, Transportation Institute, Chulalongkorn University, 2004
    BIMCO Asia Shipping School, The Baltic International Maritime Council, Singapore, 2006
    Transportation Laws and Regulations, Transportation Institute, Chulalongkorn University, 2006
    Advanced Bill of Lading, IBC Asia(S) Pte Ltd. (Hong Kong), 2010
    Financial Management for Executives, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University, 2010
    Coal Trading & Risk Management, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd., Singapore, 2014
    24th Coaltrans Asia, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd., 2018
    China & International Coal Supply Summit, HIS Global Inc., 2018
    17th Coaltrans China 2019, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd., 2019
    Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), for high level executives (CEO or C-Level), MAI and MAI Listed Companies Association, 2019
    Emerging Asian Coal Market 2019, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd., 2019
    The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership, PacRim Leadership Center Co., Ltd., 2020
    Anti-Corruption, CAC Change Agent Program, CAC, 2021
    Understanding and Implementing the Personal Data Protection Act for Business Establishments, HR Center Co., Ltd., 2022
    Coaltrans Asia 2022, Coaltrans Conference ltd., 2022
Shareholding in the Company as at December 31, 2022: 61,600 shares or 0.002 percent of all shares with voting rights
Direct and indirect interest in any of business with Company and its subsidiaries: None
Family Relationship with Executives: None
Number of Director Positions in other Business
● Listed Company – None
● Non-Listed Company – None
Past 5-Year Work Experience:
    2018-2022 : Deputy Chief Officer – International Marketing
    2017-2022 : Director, PT. Lanna Power Indonesia (Subsidiary)
    2013-2017 : Senior Manager, Shipping and Administration, Lanna Resources Public Co., Ltd.
    2012-2013 : Deputy General Manager, Thoresen (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.
    2010-2012 : Operations Senior Manager, Thoresen (Bangkok) Co., Ltd.